We all know that you have to do a brutal 90min continuous workout to get great results right? What if I told you that is only one way to do it...


Ace fitness had this to say in regards to the research on periodically working out throughout the day, “Research continues to emerge supporting the notion that small bouts of exercise accumulated throughout the day may provide many of the same benefits as one continuous bout of activity, including improvements in aerobic fitness and even weight loss. In fact, shorter bouts of exercise may actually be more beneficial than one continuous bout of exercise in helping to promote long term adherence to an exercise program, especially in overweight and sedentary adults, who may find the shorter duration to be more tolerable, as well as in youth, who tend to find shorter bursts of activity to be more enjoyable”


How can you implement this today to start the journey to getting the results you have always wanted? 

-Do a set break at work

-Do a set after or before the start of a new tv episode

-Do a set before you shower or get ready for a workout

-Do a set before and after lunch

-Find 3-5mins 3x a day. You can do this! Come on :)


Now that you know when, what are you going to do? Think about what exercise will give you the most bang for your buck. This can vary depending on your goals. For some 3-5mins of walking is a perfect place to start. For others yoga sessions would be most beneficial for beneficial and mobility. For some people, they will want to do bodyweight exercises. We are going to focus on non-equipemnet based workouts so you can get rolling after reading this. 


Yoga sessions routine: Forward fold, down dog, and cat-cow. You can stop if you . You tube quick yoga sessions and you will find multiple options as well.


Advanced workouts think full body moves: Turkish get ups, side plank with abduction, and single leg dead lifts. Walking lunges, Nordic hamstrings, and push up plus. Plyo lunge or squats, single leg floor bridges with the other leg doing heel slides, and dead bugs. The possibilities are limitless, but think full body movements that involve multiple joints and functional patterns like squats, hinges, push, pull and anti movement core patterns. If you need more cardio then strength you can do walking lunges, squat hops, and carries.


We are a society on a constant time crunch so we need to have a new way to stay healthy and get amazing results. Scattered working out is your answer to making time in your schedule. Remember to set SMART goals and build gradually. If you are lacking motivations just move even if it makes dancing goofy in secrecy for a few mins each day

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