Why should you train your core in a different way? What do you spend the most time throughout the day doing with your core... Are you bending, twisting, and crunching or holding?


The majority of us spend most of our time trying to hold our bodies up right during the day either standing or at a desk.


What does this mean for your core? Instead of bending, twisting, crunching you should put your core in positions where it has to hold good posture while countering these movements. I call this anti-movement core because you can find these workouts as anti-flexion, anti-rotation, and anti-extension. Walking and carry core is separated out from these, but usually incorporates all the above patterns. How is it done... I’ll show you an easy equipment less way to do add these anti-core movements into your routine


Don’t cringe, but planks with some fun added modifications are the easiest way to start. The first move is a reaching plank, the second is a saw plank and the third is a side plank. Another routine would be a bird dog, chops/lifts. If you have restance bands you can do a pallof press and lateral carries.


You can also sneak in core by doing Olympic, compound, vipr like fitness tubes and unilateral training as well. Unilateral deadlifts with a heavy kettlebell is a fantastic move.


Workouts are becoming more functional in nature and this blog will give your core routine a series upgrade... it may even, dare I say it, make you enjoy doing core again.

Dustin Hendrix

Dustin Hendrix


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