Countless athletes in Waxahachie are being held back from reaching their full potential because they do not have the right resources for success

Nothing is more gut-wrenching than being at the end of a season and knowing you were not on the same level as other athletes or that your previous dominance decreased

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No more... gym setbacks from training wrong, restrictive diets that won't keep the weight off forever, overuse injuries from not moving the right way, going into sporting even wishing you had a better team training you.
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Injury Prevention
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Injuries are never completely unavoidable due to the physically demanding nature of sports, but you are durable and there are many ways to reduce your risk
How does strength training reduce the risk of injury during sports performance
  • Resistance training provides loads that stimulate the joints, bones, muscle, and connective tissue (tendons and ligaments). The body adapts to this gradual increase in demands to this area and strengthens these structures.
  • Since muscles, tendons, and ligaments are the support system of every joint and help the body stay aligned, they are at high risk to get injured with the demand and complexity required to play sports at a high level. Resistance training helps strengthen muscle and tendons while increasing the flexibility of the ligaments, decreasing that risk of one becoming strained or torn.
  • If there is an imbalance in the muscular system there is an increased risk of injury. if there is one muscle that is undertrained and is suddenly called in to help support the body but doesn’t have the functional capacity, it will most likely cause an injury. Therefore a full-body resistance training regimen is necessary to help lower this risk in any athlete, regardless of skill level and activity type.


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What kind and how much resistance training needs to be included in a training program for it to help you reduce sports injuries?
How does strength training to reduce the risk of injury during sports performance

It has been shown that one to two days a week of eccentric hamstring exercises for ten weeks, works effectively, just to maintain muscle group balance. One to two short sessions a week is really nothing considering how much time athletes spend training nowadays, especially when the benefits of hopefully avoiding injury time in the future is considered. The importance of correct form for resistance exercises, as well as jump, landing, and cutting mechanics, should not be overlooked in preventing injury.



Q: How is performance training different from traditional training? 

A: The goal of traditional training is to help people attain general health/fitness goals. Sports Performance is to apply strength and conditioning principles to improve athletic performance and decrease the potential of injury

Why athletes are being held back
The key to athletic performance is strength specificity

World rewonded strength coach mike boyle says  proper program design for sports performance has been off because 80% of the exercises need to be geared towards traditional strength, power and speed instead of trying to develop power within specific sports correctives that can not load and progresses you to the strength power and speed you need to achieve

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