Waxahachie Texas is due for a fitness revolution in how people train and how traditional gyms are done

We have the answer with our one of a kind private studio gym

It is time you got the guide to unlock the missing piece to your fitness and performance goals

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Q: How is MSK Fitness Different from other gyms?

A: We are very different: your program has been reviewed by a Doctor who specializes in muscle and skeletal care, top personal trainers with an understanding of rehabbing injuries without losing results, no monthly membership fees, you will always be working with a trainer, you will not be crowded or competing with other members unless you choose to have a small group support team :) 

Q: What types of workouts will I be doing?

A: It depends on your goals, but you will get some customer tailored mixture of myofascial work, mobility, unique dynamic warm-ups, traditional strength training, functional strength training, our own core stabilization protocol, Corrective, prehab and movement pattern training

Q: What types of equipment do you have?

A: We have everything you need and few things you need, but were not aware of. Vipr like fitness tubes, indian clubs, Landmine, landmine with linebacker attachment, Battle rope, Traditional squat rack, suspension trainers, kettlebells, dumbbells, foam box jumps, hurdles, agility ladders, slider boards, resistance bands, rollers, monster bands, and stability balls.

Q: What types of populations and what type of age groups does MSK Fitness work with? We work with a wide population from youth athletes to people trying to come back from surgical injuries. With children, we prefer a verbal age and we have no upper age limit of our clients

Q: What does my group membership include?

A: You get access to 3 group fitness classes a week 

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